Measures To Mitigate Risk

Anyone with suspected Covid 19, or in a household with symptoms, must not attend their appointment. There will be no charge for anyone needing to cancel their appointment for this reason.

The Whole Works has made every effort to mitigate the risk of attending appointments with your therapist. Necessarily, this will involve some changes in procedure and we ask that you please read this document carefully before you come for your appointment.

A mask must be worn upon entry to the Whole Works.

We ask that you do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time and that you do not bring anyone with you unless you need assistance. We are making every effort in our scheduling to limit the number of clients arriving at the same time.

  • 1. Entrance

    The only entrance in operation is the door nearest to Cockburn Street. One person will enter at a time. If two people arrive at the same time, they must stand 2 meters apart and take it in turns to enter the building.

  • 2. Exit

    The only exit in operation is the door at the back of the building. There is a one way system in place.

  • 3. Reception

    We ask that you do not stand in the reception area except in order to identify yourself as you come in and to make a forward appointment if needed when you arrive. There will be a one way system in place, so it will not be possible to return to the reception area after you enter unless your appointment is upstairs. Markings will be placed on the floor to indicate a 2 meter distance, should more than one person be in the reception area at any one time.

    If you need to speak to your therapist before making a forward appointment, reception will phone you to arrange this as we cannot make exceptions to the one way system.

    You will be directed to the sink to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you enter the building. Hand sanitiser will be widely available throughout the building.

  • 4. The kitchen area

    The kitchen area will be off limits to clients, apart from use of the sink to wash your hands upon arrival. We ask you to bring your own water bottle.

  • 5. Use of the toilet

    The only toilet available to clients is the one on entrance level at the back of the building. We ask you to remain in the therapy room until the toilet is free, as there is no space to safely queue in the corridor. Toilets and door handles will be disinfected frequently, including entrance handles. We ask that you thoroughly wash your hands before exiting the toilet.

  • 6. Waiting Room, Corridors and Stairs

    Only one person at a time is to walk down the corridor or up the stairs. You must wait in the waiting room in chairs which will be placed at a 2 meter distance from each other.

    The downstairs waiting room must only be for clients seeing therapists on the entrance level. A smaller waiting room for one individual at a time is available for clients seeing therapists upstairs if they are not yet ready to take them to their room. Reception will inform you upon entry if this is the case and will direct you to the room after you wash your hands.

  • 7. Therapy rooms

    Chairs are more than 2 meters apart. Your therapist will indicate to you when you can go to the room, and will precede you to the room so that no more than one person is walking down the corridor or up the stairs at any given time.

    The door and window will be opened between clients to ensure the room is well aired. An appropriate amount of time will be allocated between appointments to allow for cleaning.

  • 8. Payment for appointments

    This must be arranged with your practitioner. Reception will not handle payments.


For download of The Whole Works full risk mitigation document please click here:

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