Andrew Pritchard

BA Hons in History
Diploma in Gestalt Therapy

I have been a practising therapist since 1998 and currently work for a counselling agency in Edinburgh as well as having a private practice at the Whole Works. I have also been teaching on a number of counselling courses since 2002.

I work with individuals on a wide range of issues as well as providing supervision for therapy practitioners.

As well as attending to the distress of my clients, I am interested in how we can simplify and enrich our everyday interactions and circumstances. Gestalt therapy can provide opportunities to bring greater awareness to ourselves and our relationships. By learning to combine sensitivity with directness we can becoming less constrained by the patterns and habits that we carry from the past. With that awareness we can go on to create more sustainable and satisfying ways of living and relating to others.

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Gestalt Psychotherapy

£60 for 1 hour