Audrey Elliot

MA(Hons) Psychology
MSc Educational Psychology
Diploma Counselling
Certified Silent Counselling Practitioner
Certified Cyber Therapist

I offer counselling from a person-centred perspective, that is from the belief that all people inherently have the wisdom and inner resources to make the right choices and come to a place of healing if only they are given the right nurturing, honest, empathic and accepting conditions.

There are many reasons that someone may seek counselling. It may be that there are current circumstances in life that are confusing, overwhelming and distressing that need to be talked through and made sense of. Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by distressing feelings and have little or no idea as to why. For some perhaps there are traumatic or distressing events from the past that are difficult to forget and let go of. Others may wish to explore more broadly the meaning and direction of their life. Occasionally someone may be told by people close to them that they should seek counselling without really knowing why themselves. Whatever your situation, it is my intention to give you that supportive and confidential space to explore the issue that brings you to counselling in a way that is honest, warm. accepting and guided by your needs and way of being.

I would describe myself as someone that has a deep interest in the spiritual side of what it means to be human and so this is a way of being that I am open to exploring with you if this has meaning and relevance for you. It may be that you simply wish to explore pragmatic ways of overcoming the difficulties you find yourself in. Whatever your perspective, I hope to enable you to stand with confidence in your own truth so that you may find the way of being in the world that is right for you. In doing so I may gently challenge your current perceptions or occasionally suggest resources or reading materials that I think might be helpful to you.

I am also a certified Silent Counselling therapist. This is a form of rapid energy release therapy using the body’s energy meridians, the energy system of the body identified in ancient Eastern wisdom traditions. It can be very effective for overcoming specific fears, phobias, traumas and ‘stuck’ negative emotional states. As the name suggests, this modality does not require the client to talk about the process as we are working. Once we have identified the issue to be worked on, we use the relevant meridian points and breath work to release the blocked energy. Silent Counselling can be used as part of the counselling journey if a situation requires it, or it can be used as a stand-alone intervention. I allow 2 hours for Silent Counselling sessions. If you would like to know more about this as a therapeutic option I can provide further information on request.

About me
Before becoming a counsellor, I worked for nearly 20 years as an Educational Psychologist for a local authority. My particular interests were in attachment and trauma and I benefitted from much additional training in these areas and working alongside some very skilled colleagues. I chose to leave that profession and become a counsellor so that I could focus solely on working with individuals in a more holistic and therapeutic way. This proved to be a wonderful decision! It allows me to work in a way that is genuinely authentic, bringing warmth (and humour when appropriate) into the space between us. I look forward to working with you.

Counselling sessions – 1 hour £60
Silent Counselling – 2 hours £120

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Person-Centred Therapy

£60 for 1 hr

Concession rate available