Cecile Sami

MCouns in Interpersonal Dialogue – University of Edinburgh
MSc in Psychology of Individual Differences – University of Edinburgh
BA in Psychology – Sonoma State University

As a qualified psychodynamic and person-centred therapist, I attend to what occurs in your day-to-day life, as well as how your developmental roots impact you presently. At the core of my therapeutic practice is the exploration of relationship with self. Whilst I have worked with a wide range of psychological conditions, such as depression, anxiety, bereavement, burnout, gender dysphoria, relational struggles, and autism, I have found the exploration of one’s self-concept to be fundamental to all progress.
The self-concept is comprised of how we view ourselves, our self-esteem and who we wish to be. In exploring self-concept, you will examine your internal world; This includes your belief about yourself, your dominate pattern of thinking, your values and ideals, and the way you experience others, in order to ultimately uncover your limiting beliefs to foster greater potential. I will always be led by what you choose to bring to session, and while we will move at a pace which is comfortable for you. I will gently push you to explore both conscious and unconscious processes such as defences mechanisms, attachment styles, and deeply held beliefs when relevant.
I welcome and encourage creative ways of exploration within the therapeutic process for those who feel it is easier to express themselves in less normative ways. This may take many forms, for example, speaking more metaphorically, utilizing music lyrics, developing internal characters, or incorporating art.

My comprehensive training in counselling has provided me both theoretical knowledge and practical experience on how to practice within the person-centred and psychodynamic approach. Exploring both the roots of how we have come to be the way we are, while also focusing on what is occurring in the here and now.

Through my studies in individual differences, I am able to utilise ways of measuring and understanding personality, allowing me the ability to incorporate considerations of one’s personality type within my therapeutic work. This has provided me a greater appreciation for the uniqueness of individuals, being aware that this can impact the ways in which we respond to differing therapeutic styles as well as therapists.

I hold a broad background in base knowledge of many areas of psychology, including development, aging, psychopathology, sexuality, multiculturalism, and both personality and mood disorders.

I offer 50-minute weekly sessions which occur at the same day and time per week as agreed upon. Our first session will be an opportunity for us to get to know one another and for me to better understand your therapeutic goals. If we agree to continue working together, I encourage clients to commit to six weeks to allow themselves the opportunity to see how our sessions might benefit you. Every six weeks we will have a review to discuss our work so far and if you would like to continue further.

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