Cindy Cunningham

Diploma in Therapeutic Massage

Diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Counselling

Fully certified Realization Process practitioner

CThA member

I have been in practice as a Massage Therapist and Bodyworker here in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1990. After starting out training as a dancer, a period of illness took me on my own healing journey and from there to train in Therapeutic Massage, Counselling and Psychotherapy (DTM, 1990, DHTC, 1992). My focus has been on enabling people to come into their bodies, to help them ground there, using words and touch to create space for healing. In 2012 I started training in the Realization Process, a very gentle but powerful approach to psychological healing, embodiment and spiritual awakening. This method has become integral to my approach. It brings a depth and precision to the bodywork, and a language that facilitates deep release and integration in the body. It is a privilege to witness people finding their strength, freeing up from old belief systems, and becoming more comfortable in their own skin.

Within the bodywork sessions I introduce embodiment and release techniques, working with a subtle consciousness in the body, with an emphasis on healing through touch and massage. In the Realization Process sessions the work is done mainly seated, but sometimes with standing and movement; or lying on the couch when touch is needed. We explore together which aspects of this work, embodiment, psycho-therapeutic and meditation would be most helpful for you.

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I am a member of the CThA and receive regular supervision.

Realization Process classes – *Currently not available*

These classes offer a grounded, embodied approach to meditation. The exercises use gentle guided instructions to bring you into contact with yourself inside your body, and from there opening to a very subtle experience of your own consciousness. This cultivates a sense of self possession and steadiness, and at the same time a more open relationship to the world around you. The classes are suitable for both beginners and those with meditation experience. The Realization Process is a wonderful way to engage more deeply with our true nature, our authentic self, and at the same time to practice letting go into an ever deepening and more spontaneous relationship with all of life.

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Realization Process

£60 for 1 hour