Henriette Kesten

COSCA Qualified
Member of the BACP

Whatever stirred your interest to embark on your therapeutic journey, I am glad you stopped by. I offer weekly 50-minutes sessions for you to explore anything that you are grappling with- whether that’s a specific issue, a more generalised feeling of unsettledness or a desire to understand yourself better in relationship with others and grow in ways that serve you.

I work relationally, drawing mostly on psychodynamic perspectives which recognise that our current behaviours, feeling states and psychological difficulties often have their origin in earlier relationships and environments to which we unconsciously learned to adapt. Sometimes, these environments might have been impinging, causing us to develop relational blueprints and behavioural patterns that help us to survive emotionally, yet might restrict our ability to grow in ways that feel authentic to us. Therapy can be a great place to become conscious of these patterns through exploration and relational insights- or it could be a space to sit with and learn to be with a general unsettledness that cannot yet be traced or made sense of. Whatever your specific therapeutic voyage might look like, I always aim to hold a safe and non-judgmental space for us to gently explore together.



Psychodynamic Counselling

£45 for 50 mins

Limited concessions available