Kavya Ravi

COSCA Qualified
Member of the BACP

My calling to be a therapist stems from my own experience with seeking therapy in my early 20s. It helped me process my heartbreak, childhood trauma and attachment patterns that were playing out in my relationships, especially the one with myself. Having a space where I felt truly understood allowed me to develop a script for self-love, healing and transformation. I felt fully held and validated while also having my perspectives challenged, and so therapy for me has been both a freeing and grounding experience.

I have found that psychotherapy can be beneficial for more than just relief from psychological difficulties, trauma, or crises. It can also facilitate personal development and growth. By providing a confidential and compassionate space, psychotherapy enables individuals to explore their inner selves and reconnect with neglected aspects of themselves. Acknowledging and accepting these parts can be difficult to face alone. However, the therapy process can provide a sense of safety to work through these challenges and explore new ways of being.

I base my practice on an Interpersonal Dialogue, which blends Person-Centred styles with Psychodynamic models of psychotherapy. I adhere to the ethical standards established by BACP and COSCA. My practice is non-directive and focused on developing insight through a relational approach, rather than being authoritative, solution-focused, and goal-oriented. I want to facilitate growth in a supportive and non-judgmental manner, helping clients to trust themselves to make empowering choices that lead to a more authentic life. We will take a holistic approach to healing, rather than a narrow and limited perspective that disregards any life experience or capability.

As my practice evolves, I’m beginning to integrate Internal Family Systems theory, mindfulness practices, artistic expression, and somatic awareness into my therapeutic approach, which allows us to further explore the intricate layers of human experience. These approaches mirror my personal healing journey, where I’ve experienced profound support and understanding through subtle, non-verbal channels, accessing visceral levels of experience beyond observation or conversation.

I work with both short-term issues which may only need a few sessions to resolve, as well as long term issues which may take several months of commitment to regular sessions to work through.

Sessions last 50 minutes and are held weekly at the same time and day. Additional sessions can be arranged after discussion to meet your requirements.

We begin with an initial consultation to get to know each other, assess your needs, and discuss your expectations for therapy. We’ll explore any questions you have about my practice and the therapeutic process and assess whether we’re a good fit. If we choose to work together, we’ll agree on the number of sessions to start with. As we progress, we can review and renegotiate the contract to ensure it meets your needs.

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Psychodynamic Counselling

£45 for 50 mins

Limited concessions available

Person-Centred Therapy

£45 for 50 mins

Limited concessions available