Mridula Sridhar

Master of Counselling (Interpersonal Dialogue), University of Edinburgh
COSCA Qualified
Member of the BACP

I am a COSCA qualified psychotherapist, trained in the dialogue between psychodynamic and person-centred frameworks. My therapeutic approach is relational, non-directive, and trauma-informed. I view therapy as a collaborative space where one can be seen, heard, and understood, allowing the discovery of more authentic ways of being.

Our work together will support you to delve into the depths of the experiences you wish to explore, whether from your past, present, or anticipated future. I will pose gentle questions, offer sensitive reflections, and hold a confidential and compassionate space for the emotions and vulnerabilities that arise. I will offer my in-the-moment responses, tugs, pulls, and feelings, diving into this process alongside you with curiosity, openness, and warmth. Together, we will learn to care for the neglected parts of yourself, explore patterns you may find unhelpful, and listen to your inner needs and feelings, fostering a space for acceptance and growth.

I am drawn towards creativity and music and will support you in finding ways of expression that feel authentic to you. I am also attuned to exploring the impact of gender and race on our sense of self and the tensions it can give rise to. I welcome you to bring your experiences in the larger cultural and political contexts you inhabit and the impact of various identities you carry.

I offer one-to-one sessions weekly, at the same time and day. In our initial session, we will explore any questions you may have about my practice and the therapeutic process. We will also explore how we wish to work together, whether with a clear end date or in an open-ended fashion, agreed to suit your needs. As we journey in our work together, we can review the work regularly and discuss how we wish to proceed further.

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Tel: 0131 225 8092



Psychodynamic Counselling

£45 for 50 mins

Concession rate available

Person-Centred Therapy

£45 for 50 mins

Limited concessions available