Sarah Cumings

“It is in the shelter of each other that the people live.” Celtic proverb

I am interested in all the ways that we are interconnected – with partners and families, with our histories and pasts, with society and the natural world. How are we choosing, consciously or unconsciously, to be in relationship? What kind of shelter are we offering to one another?

And what kind of shelter am I offering to myself? How do I relate to all the different parts of my own inner world? As long as I disregard this internal experience, I will see life’s challenges as outside of me, rather than seeing how they often arise from within, as I project my own unacknowledged needs outwards.

All good relationships require a compassionate and honest relationship with ourselves. We have to be able to see and accept the deeply flawed self, other and relationship -without blame. To understand that relationships often stir up painful feelings, connected to old imprints and wounds from past.

And good relationships also require that we develop the psychological and spiritual capacity needed to become a witness to another through the ups and downs of life, while also becoming and remaining a whole Self, through awakening to our own interior life.

My approach
Integrative and experiential – with a deep respect for the complexity of the human experience.
Particular interest in relationships: couple counsellor with Relationship Scotland
Informed by Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS), welcoming all the different parts of ourselves to the therapy conversation, in order to explore situations in a new way.
Draws upon Polyvagal theory as an approach to help with self-soothing and feeling safe in our own bodies.
A psycho-spiritual orientation, with training in Ignatian Spiritual Accompaniment and the model of the Enneagram.

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