Shirley Thompson

Managing to function but struggling to cope? It can help to talk freely and in confidence with someone whose life and relationships are separate from yours …

My introduction to counselling and psychotherapy was as a client more than thirty years ago. Now I enjoy helping other people find their ways through a wide range of life events and challenges.

With impartial help to express yourself, unravel your thoughts and feelings, and review your ideas, decisions and beliefs it becomes easier to make sense of what’s happening. It then becomes possible to explore your needs, wishes and options, and to find a way through. Perhaps it’s difficult to put into words whatever is troubling you – maybe I can help you to find them?

Talking therapy is challenging – and making the initial contact can be daunting – but once you find someone with whom you feel safe enough it can also be interesting, enjoyable and liberating. If you think I might be able to help, I’ll be glad to hear from you.