Couples and Relationship Counselling

All relationships involve navigating two very different ways of making sense of the world.

Relationship counselling offers a space for couples to explore the patterns of conflict and difficulty that arise from these differences so that they can understand the dynamics at play. This will involve looking at relationship blueprints learned in early relationships, while also learning how to improve and enrich the future together. For some, counselling may be the start of a longer process of discovery. For others, a few sessions of counselling may be all that they need to help them get through a difficult period.

Sessions take place in a safe, non-judgemental space and our therapists work with all relationships regardless or gender, age or sexual preference.


Sarah Cummings

£75 for 55 mins

Margot Kirkland

£120 for 1 hour

Davina Elsen

£60 for 1 hour

Debbora John-Wilson

£85 for 50 mins