Holistic Nutritional Therapy

Midi qualified in Holistic Nutritional Medicine in 1993 and it has been
at the centre of her work ever since. For many years she specialised in
supporting clients with a nutritional approach to infertility and
cancer using detoxification and diet, before setting up a detox
retreats business in Spain.

Over the 27 years that she has practiced nutrition she believes that
there can be no more fundamental influence on our health than nutrition,
starting pre-birth until old age. A healthy diet plays a major part in how
we develop and continue to thrive throughout our lives. What we eat forms
the building blocks of our cells and impacts on the way our systems and
organs function. It affects the way we feel and affects our mental function.
It gives us vitality and energy for life.

Some of the commonest health issues, such as IBS (and an array of
associated intestinal issues), type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure,
weight gain, depression etc. can be partly or wholly addressed through
diet and lifestyle interventions. Type 2 diabetes for example is
entirely a lifestyle disease and can be overcome through eating a
healthy, balanced diet and then our whole world becomes a better
place. When we feel good inside, everything flows from that. There’s
an ancient Chinese proverb that says: Health isn’t everything, but
without it everything is nothing.

What to expect from a nutritional therapy session with Midi:

    Very early on after qualifying I realised that people’s food issues
    and food choices were intertwined with their emotional issues. For
    example, obesity isn’t simply a problem of over eating, far from it,
    the cause lies much deeper, which is why a dietary programme on its
    own will likely fail. The way I work with clients is to find a route
    through their individual blocks to a healthier life.

    Often when people start to make changes to their diet they also
    experience the resurfacing of old memories or feelings which have been
    supressed and stored at a cellular level. Supressed feelings have to
    go somewhere and often end up being stuffed down, and covered up with
    “comfort foods” (especially foods that tend to alter mood, such as
    sugar, chocolate, coffee, alcohol, fast food, refined foods e.g.
    biscuits etc.) If this sounds like you; then this is part of the
    support I offer, helping you to overcomes emotional or mind set
    obstacles and gain clarity and personal insights.

    It might be that you’re overwhelmed with the plethora of nutritional
    information available and don’t know what to eat that’s best for you,
    or that you’ve tried every diet going and still no success, or you
    can’t get motivated to change direction. You might be struggling with
    an on-going bowel problem, lack of energy, moods swings or aches and
    pains. Holistic nutrition takes into account of your whole being, not
    just diet and lifestyle, but emotional and mind set issues too and
    then we can start to move forward into health.

    I don’t generally offer expensive tests or advise on using too many
    supplements. My aim is to get you on track with a diet and lifestyle
    that is manageable and sustainable for you whilst ironing out the
    blocks that present themselves along the way.

    The aim of the sessions is for us to work together to get to the root
    cause of your health problems and provide a supportive environment
    that will allow you to both heal your body and optimise your health on
    all levels; body, mind, heart and spirit.


Midi Fairgrieve

Initial appointment – 1 ½ hours – £85
Follow-up – 50 minutes – £60