Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy

The humanistic and integrative approach to psychotherapy is guided by a range of values, philosophical assumptions about human nature and experience, and of theoretical perspectives in understanding human experience and how to work with human distress.

What uniquely characterises this approach to psychotherapy is the commitment to working with the full range of influences that inform the development of the individual and their relationship to others and society. An integrative and humanistic psychotherapist continually absorbs into her/his work and thinking different areas of specialism and expertise, and uses this breadth of thinking in helping clients relate to themselves and to their own potential for living fully.

Humanistic and integrative practice centres on the collaboration between client and psychotherapist in exploring the explicit and implicit dynamics of the therapeutic relationship, and in using this relationship for the benefit of the client’s self understanding and self acceptance.

We take into account the impact of the external world on the internal world, and we explore the significance of social, cultural and political dimensions of an individual’s experience as well as their interpersonal and developmental world.

Adapted from the UKCP website.

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