Progressive Counselling

Progressive Counselling can be described as touching the spiritual essence of a person as well as the mental, emotional and physical levels. It helps you to connect to your innate sense of who you are by supporting you to find self-alignment and self-understanding. I support you to come out of the analytical head and into a more heart based place of non-judgement and self-understanding.

Early life traumas can cause us to disconnect from our feelings and intuition as way of protection, but this also disconnects us from feeling the joy of life and the deeper meaning of our lives. Although we can intellectually understand a situation, progressive counselling can help you to access a higher level of internal truth by fully connecting to the wisdom of your intuition. By coming to understand and accept the deeper meaning within a situation you can use it positively as a means of personal progress. As we work together, there is often a very big shift in the way you view the circumstances that first lead you to counselling. You are able to gain clarity and move forward in your life. This is progressive counselling.


Midi Fairgrieve

£55 for 50-55 mins