Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy helps people understand themselves better and resolve issues that prevent them from enjoying fulfilling relationships and rewarding lives.

Faced with feelings that are confusing or overwhelming, we can feel very alone. Psychotherapy provides support in making sense of our feelings and finding our way forward in life. This can be particularly helpful if we are stuck or if we repeat painful patterns of behaviour.

In therapy, we begin to understand what makes us who we are. This insight can free you to function better and find new solutions.

Recognising that we all have an unconscious, psychoanalytic psychotherapy suggests there are many parts of ourselves of which we are not aware. It offers a deep understanding of how our early life relationships have shaped who we are and how we continue to live today.

It can often be surprising to see how heavily our present life choices are still heavily influenced by events in our early history. As we become aware of these connections between the past and the present, we are less limited by our history and can move forward in new ways.

A crisis or a painful life predicament often brings people to therapy. However, psychoanalytic psychotherapy can also be very helpful in addressing lingering dissatisfaction or disappointment, or a chronic sense of unhappiness.


Sharadha Bain

£60 for 50 mins
Concessions available