Therapeutic Massage

From infancy to old age, touch is of the greatest importance to our physical and emotional health. Through attentive and respectful touch we can let go of the tensions we carry, we can be nourished, we can rest, we can renew our relationship with ourselves and with the world around us.

Therapeutic Massage is a form of touch which is specifically developed to assist relaxation in the body and mind, focusing on manipulation of the muscle and soft tissue and encouraging movement in the joints. It stimulates the circulatory and eliminatory systems of the body and boosts the immune system.

Many physical ailments can be helped in this way, from neck and shoulder tension, to arthritis, headaches, back pain, PMT, fluid retention, digestive and respiratory problems.

With the support of the practitioner, as we become more open and fluid in our bodies, we can begin to feel the energy of our symptoms, our emotions, our life stories and the natural healing processes of our body. Getting to know this dimension of our lives brings us to a deep sense of restfulness.

At whatever level you would like to approach massage, just to wind down and ease pain or to follow your body’s deeper stories, this practice is always simple and follows your sense of your own body.

At The Whole Works we are a group of massage therapists who are committed to working with the public in a skilled, respectful and sensitive way. We each hold nationally recognized accreditation and belong to our relevant professional associations. Each therapist works in a unique way, bringing our individual training, gifts and interests to our work.


Joolz Flynn

£65 for 50 mins

Pascale King

£55 for 1 hour

(£58 from 1/4/24)

Fiona Hunter

First appointment: £75 for 1 1/2 hours

On going: £60 for 1 hour