Transactional Analysis Counselling & Psychotherapy

Do you ever feel excited, thinking things are working out, only to fall flat the same old way, wondering how this happened yet again?… Wrong choice yet again… same old patterns… same old quarrels… same old feelings.

Are you experiencing difficulties such as

  • Life changes?
  • Bereavement or loss?
  • Anxiety, depression or stress?
  • Unresolved issues from the past?
  • Unhelpful patterns?
  • Low self esteem?
  • Relationship problems?
  • Wanting a more fulfilling life?
  • Concerns about your identity?

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a theory of personality and relationships, widely used in counselling and psychotherapy, and also in education and organisations. It helps us understand interpersonal and intrapsychic processes, how we relate to (“transact with”) others and ourselves. TA originated in the work of Dr Eric Berne, a Canadian psychiatrist working in the United States in the 1950s and 60s. It has developed significantly since, whilst remaining grounded in the principles of mutual respect, recognising the worth and value in everyone, believing in everyone’s capacity to change, and our inbuilt drive for health.

Transactional Analysis is valuable in both short-term counselling, focussed on dealing with here-and-now events and circumstances, and in psychotherapy, usually longer term, helping people to understand themselves and their patterns of behaviour, and how past events and relationships may block our ability to enjoy the present and be spontaneous and energetic.

Transactional Analysis gives us new approaches to enable us to move forward. We can review the decisions we once made and choose which are still appropriate for today, which to discard and which to update. When change is not possible, we can find new ways of understanding and living more comfortably with that and with ourselves.


Josephine Murray-Smith

£45-£55 for 50 mins

I offer a limited number of concessions.