Yoga Therapy

Embodied, intuitive, connective healing for physical and mental health.
“Our issues are stored in tissues” – Bessel Van Der Kolk

Yoga therapy can be a deeply transformative and enriching process, on all levels of being human. It’s an opportunity to be present with and listen to your bodies communication in order to heal from physical, physiological and psychological experiences, diagnoses or trauma.

Yoga therapy practice helps people who experience physical or mental health challenges to improve their health and wellbeing through exploring, moving and (re)connecting with their body in accessible, person-based practices. Yoga therapy brings joy and embodiment into someone’s life by focusing on healing.

Using the lens of yoga traditions, bodywork models and modern science, yoga therapy is a holistic and alternative approach to support you to improve your experience and live a life that is more connected and aligned with your personal needs and sense of self. Whether you come for physical or emotional support you’ll learn that the body and mind are closely connected in intimate relationship, we cannot work with one without the other.

This way of working therapeutically allows for self-learning, autonomy and resonance with yourself, so that you can begin to heal from a place of understanding and alignment.

Sessions are delivered 1:1 and allow space for conversation and reflection, amongst experiential practices. There is also home practices that are suggested to integrate the work we do together into your life.

You do not have to have prior yoga experience to receive yoga therapy.

With specialist focus in Mental Health, Womens Health and Digestive issues, Mari works in a bottom-up approach (body to mind) through restoring physiological balance in the body, helping reduce stress and trauma, releasing holding patterns, strengthening the relaxation response and increasing felt sense, embodiment and awareness.

Training and specialisms:

– Yoga Therapy Diploma
– Womb & Women’s Health
– Anxiety management & nervous system regulation
– Myofascial release
– Restorative Yoga
– Hatha Yoga


Mari Freya James

Initial assessment session 90mins / £70 (sliding scale available for limited number of concession / students)

Block of 4 sessions £240 (75 mins, £60 per session)
Or book block of 5, including initial assessment £310

Follow-up session: 75 mins / £65 (available if you have completed a of block sessions with Mari)